Generally it is best to identify children who may need services for speech and language skills or other types of services rather than wait. It a)enables early intervention to take place b)takes advantage of the critical window for language acquisition c)gives parents/care givers more time to make decisions. It also prevents any areas that may require supplemental instruction from becoming more challenging to remediate. Often parents will ask, “Won’t they grow out of it?” Well, they may but they may not though in the meantime they are reinforcing error patterns, or not learning appropriate labels, and they are maintainging poorly developed skills. Smith argues that if one does not take advantage of a child’s stage of readiness in a timely manner, the child may have difficulty learning a particular skill at a later time (1988). Primary reasons for early intervention with a child are to enhance the child’s development, to provide support and assistance to the family, and to maximize the child’s and family’s benefit to society (Smith, 1988).